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High performance automotive engineering is in RML’s DNA. Designing and developing world championship-winning race cars means we have the depth of skills needed to deliver exciting road car derivatives and advanced technology. The only limit is your imagination.

Working with global OEMs has ensured that our systems and processes synchronise with worldwide clients. Our team is the ideal partner in your programme.

We specialise in whole vehicle integration, taking vehicles from concept to pre-production or low-volume manufacture.

RML can work with your in house styling team to create clean sheet car designs from scratch that meet your brand strategies.

Case Study: Nissan Juke-R

RML was approached by Nissan to create the world’s first ever ‘super crossover’, the JUKE-R, based on the groundbreaking Juke model and Nissan’s flagship GT-R supercar.



Our OEM partners want to promote their brands and achieve key marketing objective. We share the same goals as our partners and know how to deliver with strong marketing support and turn-key solutions.

Creating marketing road car derivatives for major brands is something we have done for more than 20 years. It is an integral part of our company.

Show cars

In collaboration with Nissan Design Europe and Ministry of Sound, RML created the world’s ultimate mobile sound system, the ‘Juke Box’.

Based around the production version of a standard Nissan Juke, it was modified to house a self-sufficient 150-decibel, 18,900-watt sound system. Two 18-inch sub units, mid-hi enclosures and an integrated radio station were installed within its confinements.

Embarking on a ‘Summer Sessions’ tour across Europe the bespoke Juke Box models debuted at the Le Mans 24 Hours, to entertain music and motorsport fans alike. Headline DJs kept the innovative mobile festivities going long into the night, perfectly executing Nissan Design Europe’s Juke Box objective of blending design and performance.

Global OEM White Brand

We understand that major OEMs, as well as start ups, often need a high performance engineering partner to support their goals under the radar. Many of RML’s major projects are undertaken on a “White Brand’ basis.

In doing this we deliver world leading results, while enabling maximum exposure and brand enhancement for our clients.