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Are you sitting comfortably? If not, you need to spend some time in the new RML Short Wheelbase.

Are you sitting comfortably? If not, then you need to experience the bespoke and luxurious seats developed for RML’s new Short Wheelbase, due for launch this October.

“A car’s seat is the arguably the most important ergonomic component for the driver,” says George Fairgrieve-Sealey, Senior Design Engineer for the SWB. “It has a bearing on everything, from visibility to reaching all the hand controls, and how you sit in relation to the pedals and steering wheel. We’d also set ourselves broad parameters for the height of occupants in the Short Wheelbase, running from five-foot to six-foot, six-inches, so those criteria had to be met, too.”

And those criteria were validated in a special ergonomic buck, built specifically for this task. Engineers found that by moving the seats inboard in the buck by around 15 millimetres, they not only optimised the car’s generous headroom, but also liberated enough space for a handbrake to the side of the driver, freeing up more space along the car’s central console.

While the base seat was manufactured by Recaro, RML created new foams, trims and controls, making it effectively bespoke. New side and back bolsters were designed, with those at the back adjustable by a rotary knob at the side of the seat. RML’s experience with creating seat hardware for OEM programmes meant that its attention to detail was second to none, such as selecting just the right height for bolster cushions to make for easy entry and egress, but still comfortably securing a wide variety of occupant sizes during spirited driving.

“The design was inspired by classic racing bucket seats from the past, but brought bang up to date in terms ergonomic performance,” said Jonathan Bowen, SWB’s Chief Designer. “We also wanted a highly tactile feel for the seat’s controls, so like all other buttons in the cabin, the switch covers for the eight-way electric adjusters are crafted in metal, not plastic.”

The accompanying images show just two of the many seat trims which will be available with the Short Wheelbase: an all-leather treatment (in cream), and one with Alcantara lining the seat base/back, and leather for the outer bolsters (in tan). We’ll be revealing more about trim and seat design options as we draw closer to the launch.

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