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Our Short Wheelbase’s Headlights Are Fully Optimised For The Modern World

Automotive lighting tech is now well and truly out of the dark ages, but how did RML’s design team make sure that its new Short Wheelbase fully optimised modern lighting performance, while still retaining classic-style headlights?

The key, according to head of design, Jonathan Bowen, was introducing vertical indentations behind the lens, redolent of those used in sports cars from the 50s and 60s. The main 90mm projector light is then located by horizontal bars within the unit, which cleverly incorporate the LED side-lights, with the whole lamp enclosed in a bespoke aluminium bezel. This basic design principle carries over into the grille-mounted fog lamps, too.

And at the rear of the Short Wheelbase, the simple, stacked tail-lights are in perfect harmony with the car’s classic body style. But once again, modern LED tech is neatly integrated into each cluster, the twin rings of light creating a cylindrical 3D effect when illuminated, with the mandatory reflector housed at each light’s centre.

Make sure to follow us next week, when we reveal the Short Wheelbase’s interior.