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About Us

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RML Group

Autocar says we’re a prime example of a discreet technical consultancy that major OEMs use to solve their thorniest problems… delivering results with a need-for-speed honed in motorsport.

Autosport called us an ‘engineering powerhouse’. It’s a good description. As we’ve expanded beyond top-level race car design and engineering we’ve applied our winning methods to a wide range of projects.

We develop high performance road car derivatives and deliver advanced automotive technology for OEMs, build prototypes, show cars and Continuation
models, as well as restoring historic road and racing cars.

One of our fastest-growing specialisations is EV technology for road and race applications, made possible by our state of the art energy storage design and manufacturing.

Our 120 carefully-chosen, highly-qualified and well-trained staff embrace the values that underpin our success in every field –

· Teamwork

· Excellence

· Integrity

· Customer Focus

You can only do what we do, and achieve as much as we have, by placing great importance on all these aspects individually and collectively.