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At the heart of all great cars is a great powertrain. Image

At the heart of all great cars is a great powertrain.

RML Group’s battery design, development and manufacturing capabilities have grown significantly in the past decade, our first electrification project was the Nissan ZEOD RC Le Mans Garage 56 car that competed in 2014. We have since delivered numerous electrification projects such as design and developing the record-breaking EV supercar in the automotive sector in 2017. A recent project consists of a fully immersion cooled, extremely power dense homologated battery system, for a road legal hyper car for US OEM.

RML’s powertrain facility includes a 10,000 sq.ft manufacturing area for battery systems and bespoke engine builds. This is combined with in-house cell characterisation capabilities, laser welding and end-of-line test equipment to compliment the battery manufacturing process. RML delivers both high-power and high-energy battery systems optimised to the application by utilising our leading-edge technologies. These have been developed across years of experience, and pushing the boundaries in automotive, motorsport and off-highway industries.

Powertrain Brochure

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