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We understand OEMs’ needs and objectives – and have the track record to prove it.

So far, we’ve worked with 20 global OEMs’ to take vehicles from concept to pre-production or into low-volume manufacture, and on a host of other projects.

Whole-vehicle integration is one of our core skills so we can work with you right from the start of a project. Our designers and engineers can partner with your in-house styling team to create from scratch clean-sheet car designs that meet your brand strategies.

All the way through, our systems and processes will synchronise readily with yours.

Because we’ve designed and developed so many world championship-winning race cars we have the skills to furnish exciting road car derivatives and their advanced technology against very tight deadlines.

We can also convert track cars for road use, as we did so successfully with the Aston Martin Vulcan.

We’d suggest the only limit to what we can do is your imagination.

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Case Study: Aston Martin Vulcan

RML Group have successfully converted an Aston Martin Vulcan, which was conceived as a motorsport-inspired, track-only supercar.

Global OEM White Brand Image

Global OEM White Brand

We understand that major OEMs’, as well as start-ups, often need a high performance engineering partner working under the radar to support their goals. Many of our major projects are on a ‘White Brand’ basis.

We have the breadth and depth of skills, equipment and experience to deliver world-leading results that will enable maximum exposure and brand enhancement for our clients.

For a leading global EV maker we developed, from clean-sheet-of-paper to production in just 14 months, a fully-electric record-breaking ultra-fast supercar.

A famous high-performance brand trusted us to deliver their ultimate performance model, while another chose us for the ‘Continuation’ run of one of their most revered heritage models.

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We’ve been creating marketing road car derivatives for major brands for more than 20 years. It is an integral part of what we do.

We understand our OEM partners’ desire to promote their brands and achieve key marketing objectives. We know how to deliver our engineering projects with strong marketing support and turn-key solutions.

The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge proved that. We built for Infiniti a much-applauded rival to Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar’s hottest saloons. We took the Eau Rouge from a concept to a fully-functioning demonstration car for the world’s press to evaluate.

Our work included engine (552bhp, 442lb ft) and 4WD transmission development, steering, suspension and brakes compatible with the much-increased performance, as well as electronics, bodywork modifications
and aerodynamic aids.

Auto Express’s Jethro Bovingdon said: “It’s been a massive engineering challenge. The result is amazingly coherent and a million miles from the rough prototype hack I’d expected.”

Show cars

The work we did with Nissan Design Europe and Ministry of Sound is a good example of our ability to deliver show cars, however unusual.

The Juke Box became the world’s ultimate mobile sound system. It was the solution to Nissan’s and Ministry of Sounds’ Ian Hagger’s objective of taking “the experience of our famous Box room out onto the road – how could we fit the Box sound system into a Nissan Juke.”

Our engineers modified a standard production Juke to accommodate a bespoke self-sufficient 150-decibel, 18,900-watt sound system. They squeezed in two 18-inch sub-units, mid-hi enclosures and an integrated radio station.

Nissan and MoS then sent two Juke Boxes on a ‘Summer Sessions’ tour across Europe, starting at the Le Mans 24 Hours, to entertain music and motorsport fans alike. Headline DJs kept the awesome sound going long into the night, perfectly executing Nissan Design Europe’s objective for the Juke Box project of blending design, performance and experience.