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Electronics, wiring, sensors and software are key to modern vehicles. RML has full wiring harness design capability as well as manufacturing and automated Cirrus testing for Motorsport and Automotive wiring. These capabilities are available for everything from an individual sensor to a complete LV and HV electrical solution.

We are able to supply, configure and calibrate most commonly available Motorsport Electronics products as well as develop custom control code and functionality, either at base code level or through MatLab Simulink modelling.

Custom electronic products such as switch panels, steering wheels, CAN interfaces and headlight units have all been developed for projects.

RML recently completed a full custom HMI solution for a high performance production supercar, this included integrated full colour displays with custom graphics, centre console control unit, integrated Bluetooth, dedicated switch panels and full video recording solution.

When Mercedes-Benz commissioned RML Group to build the ultimate version of the SLR McLaren, the 722 GT, our specialist team from RML demonstrated their expertise by completely redesigning the SLR’s wiring loom and integrating motorsport focused features.

Bespoke control units were used to facilitate the replacement pneumatic sequential gearbox and extensive alterations were performed to transform the SLR from road car to race car.

A custom-built wiring loom, state-of-the-art ECU technology, full data logging software and an RML designed paddle-shift Motec steering wheel featured a Mini Digital Display and multiple functions such as engine management and pit limit.

The redesign of the electronics played an incredibly important role in the 722 GT’s weight loss goals and its redefined status as a thoroughbred race car.