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New Energy

We’ve already made our mark as leaders in the fast-changing world of electrification – especially in low-volume electrification. To put us at the cutting edge, we’ve built a dedicated HV (for High Voltage) Centre to assemble batteries, which gives us complete EV build capability.

Our engineers have already designed and developed high efficiency EV drives and energy management systems for several Pure EV and Hybrid programmes to bring our customers’ concepts to reality.

Every EV or Hybrid needs a battery pack, so that’s where we start. We design and make battery packs along with the controllers, wiring and axle powertrains to go right through to the finished vehicle.

Our team created and developed the full Pure EV powertrain – including high output batteries – that propels one of the world’s fastest electric supercars. It boasts more than one megawatt and leading edge technology such as torque vectoring and active ride height, which we also developed.

Our Capabilities include:

  • Whole vehicle and sub-system simulations
  • Electrification feasibility studies
  • Battery design and manufacture
  • 3rd party manufacturing and production engineering
  • Motor and motor controller design and development
  • Complete platform control systems
  • Software modelling and vehicle integration
  • HV & LV loom design and manufacture