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Case Study: Record-Breaking Electric Supercar

Record-Breaking Electric supercar

A client exploring the outer reaches of possibility with electric vehicles came to us with a body shape and an amazing brief: design, engineer and make for us the world’s fastest electric vehicle. And could there be an autonomous version, too?

In just 14 months we delivered a sensational car that topped 310km/h (193mph), hit 0-100km/h in 2.7 seconds and enough downforce to generate 3G in 100mph corners and three tonnes of downforce at 300km/h (186mph) – more than double a current F1 car’s.

We designed and built the carbonfibre tub, suspension (including four-way adjustable ride height), the aerodynamic components – including the active rear wing – four inboard electric motors delivering 1 Megawatt to the wheels, and four gearboxes seamlessly regulating the power transfer to make driving it effortless.

We planned and built the interchangeable battery system that permits quick battery changes and rapid charging, and a passive cooling system to maintain optimum temperatures. The performance demanded an unprecedented braking system, which we designed too. It generated well over 3G longitudinal force.

In the cockpit, we devised and made digital systems using wearable technology that interfaced with the driver in an instinctive way to simplify and clarify information delivery.

“Our responsibility was everything with the exception of the styling,” says RML Group CEO Michael Mallock. “Tarmac to sky as I call it, even down to bespoke tyres.”

The autonomous version set a lap record at the circuit where it was tested.

The initial batch of six cars we built for our client was followed by a further 10.

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