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As well as delivering bespoke projects, we have a number of standard products and parts that utilise the experience and intellectual property gained during our decades of operation. A prime example is our being chosen as the sole supplier of suspension components, sub-frames and steering systems for the BTCC’s cars.

We can design and manufacture low or high volume products for other suppliers, acting as a white label brand while applying our exacting standards and processes.

Wiring Harnesses and Electronics Image

Wiring Harnesses and Electronics

Building on the capability our electronics designers displayed when they redesigned the lightweight wiring harness for the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT, they recently designed and made the looms and subsystems for a run of high-end variant sportscars, which we supplied for the OEM to fit to the vehicles on their production line.

Recently we’ve also designed and manufactured electrical control systems and looms for a run of continuation cars for which we’ve also supplied a series of unique and very specialised equipment.

Electric Vehicle High Voltage Batteries

We have invested in state of the art battery manufacturing capability enabling us to assemble custom-designed batteries in low to mid-level volume.

This makes us the ideal partner for clients seeking automotive or motorsport battery
development because we can take concept design all the way to prototype and pre-production manufacture.

In-house simulation capability allows us to determine the ideal cell technology for each application. We can simulate your expected drive cycle and duration requirement and match it with our cell performance data to design the optimum and most efficient solution for your needs.

Our design team will then create a custom housing and cooling solution to fit the vehicle. We can utilise a client’s battery management system or supply our own system to provide the interface and monitoring of the battery.

Our capability enables us to hand-make batteries for any type of cell technology. Our operating procedure is strict and safe, and we have charge, discharge and test capabilities for assembled batteries as well as for individual cells. Full traceability of the components used in each battery is also available.

Electric Vehicle High Voltage Batteries Image