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Case Study: Aston Martin Vulcan

RML Group have successfully converted an Aston Martin Vulcan, which was conceived as a motorsport-inspired, track-only supercar. Aside from the challenge of making the Aston Martin Vulcan comply with the intricate legal and legislative requirements for road use, RML’s key objective was also to preserve this car’s incredible and uncompromising nature.

RML Group achieved a numerous amount of changes to make the car road-legal. With no ground clearance, no cooling system for low-speed road use, no dipped-beam headlights, and no indicators, RML had an extensive list of requirements to make the Vulcan legal on the road. Adam Airey, RML’s Principal Chassis Engineer, commented: “We’ve kept the essence of the Vulcan, it has now become a race car for the road, and yet it is still very raw. It has gone through complex changes, however at its core, it is still a Vulcan and we can be very proud of that achievement”.

Michael Mallock, CEO of RML Group, states: “This has been a fantastic and exciting project and we are honoured to have had the chance to accomplish it. The Aston Martin Vulcan is a tremendous machine with extreme character and blistering performance. RML Group have managed to keep the Vulcan’s individuality and it can now be enjoyed on the road. We are proud to have successfully worked on this project. Thank you to Lovecars for coming down to film the Vulcan’s first outing.”

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