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RML Group plays major role in INEOS 1:59 Challenge


“Anyone who has ever run a marathon will know just how hard it is to run the whole distance at the exact same pace” - Peter Vint, Performance Team Manager for the INEOS 1:59


RML Group were approached by INEOS to design and develop
an autonomous system for an electric vehicle to operate at a constant speed, to assist Eliud Kipchoge in running a marathon in a sub two hour time.

With the ideology of being in the right place at the right time, the powertrain division at RML worked around the clock to ensure pin point accuracy when developing the vehicles speed control software.

In conjunction with the inductive looms placed around the circuit, the acknowledgement of placement for both vehicles throughout the course was consistently within 1 metre. Ensuring the highest possible precision for the full Marathon distance.

“We have been typically hitting the finish line with an error of less than a metre, which equates to less than 0.2seconds over the course of the two hours” – Chris Francis, Head of Powertrain at RML Group.

A set of lasers mounted onto a bespoke stability system projected a formation 10 metres off the rear of the vehicle. If Eliud were to tire or accelerate, RML’s autonomous system would adapt accordingly. Factors such as road profile, atmospheric pressure and wind activity had to be compensated for on the day of the race for the most accurate delivery.

Upon the successful completion of the record breaking marathon attempt, RML Group received high praises for our consistent attention to detail, Once again demonstrating RML’s dedication to our core vision and values, Customer Focus, Excellence, Integrity and Teamwork.