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What colour would you paint your Short Wheelbase?

We’re really looking forward to helping RML Short Wheelbase customers select their car’s ultimate specification. And because each car can be personalised to such a high degree, they can deal directly with one of our design teams to guide them through the myriad colour, trim and material choices available during the order process.

Exterior colours are only limited by a customer’s imagination, with designers already putting together some recommendations, some of which they call ‘Heritage’, and others ‘Modern’. A bold and bright three-stage pearlescent example, adorning a clay, is shown in the accompanying images and strikes a real contrast to what we’ve shown before. And for each basic hue, there will also be the option of solid, metallic or pearlescent finishes.

“We’re really looking forward to working with customers as they create their own, very special Short Wheelbases,” said RML’s head of design, Jonathan Bowen. “As well as having a near-limitless colour palette, there are a variety of exterior trims, including metal, satin (a semi-matte finish), polished (a chrome-style), silver, or dark silver.

“But it doesn’t end there. Customers can also specify a car with or without bumpers, and opt for different coloured brake callipers to set their car apart. We’re also developing some period-correct graphics, such as door roundels and parallel stripes, which suit the car’s design and remit perfectly.”

Inside the Short Wheelbase’s cabin, the scope of personalisation is just as great. To start with, Jonathan’s team has adopted a ‘no plastics’ mantra from early on in the car’s development, with all switches, buttons and dials not only bespoke and designed in-house, but also beautifully crafted from either machined aluminium, glass or leather. But once again there’s an extensive choice of leather, Alcantara or fabric interior trims available. Samples are being produced in black, tan, grey, red and blue, with diamond, ribbed or perforated patterns offered, too.

“In the coming weeks, we’ll be able to show customers the very first Short Wheelbase, which has been specified in a classic colour and trim combination,” said Michael Mallock, RML’s CEO. “But it’s highly unlikely there will be another Short Wheelbase that looks like this, given the huge variety of trims, colours and interior materials available. Having Jonathan and his team to guide customers towards their optimum specification is yet another part of this car’s exclusive ordering process.”

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